Yay! Welcome to my weird legal tech mind.

As this is my first blog blog, I saw it fitting to simply just deal with what to expect with this blog and particularly website.

The first thing you might have noticed is that I have a services page. This is really because from a personal perspective, I have realised that as knowledge professionals especially lawyers, we often get short-changed and overlooked with regards to our knowledge in the public. Our insights gained from being in specific industries bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our clients and those who wish to hear us speak. However people just dont seem to want to pay, especially when it comes to speaking. I will talk about speaking and getting paid, one day.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started out my legal career was not taking ownership of my badass vibes and monetizing it. But this time around as I solidify myself as an expert in the Legal Tech and Innovation Space, I will not be making that mistake. The ideal situation is to learn from other peoples’ mistakes, but life is life and so I learn from my own. A sign of growth I guess, right?

Now back to this blog, what to expect?

  • Through the years I have managed to build very good relationships with fellow legal tech enthusiasts across the global, but more importantly in Africa and so I will take you through some of the people or organizations I have come across. Some will publish as guests on this website and we will collaborate on some cool stuff, which I will publish here. Yeah, I think a lot, too much at times, but more importantly I act.
  • I will share legal tech events that you need to know about, who you should be following on Twitter or Linkedin in this space, etc
  • I also work with incredible people through organizations such as the Global Legal Tech Consortium even in my own startup, Lenoma Legal so I will also share my work through some of those organizations here for you to see what a normal life of an awkward legal tech and innovation specialist trying to make it in this world looks like.
  • I also teach, so as this website evolves, I will include all my legal tech and innovation related courses, so you can empower yourself, purchase some eBooks, too
  • You will hear about some of my collaborations with my quarterly master classes, pssst the first online master class partner in March joins me all the way from the UK.

Well for now, that’s about it. This website is my birthday gift to myself right? lol Yeah I am that girl. Let me go have some birthday fun.

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