5 African Legal Tech Female Leaders you should be following on Twitter.

More than any else the question from my fellow legal tech enthusiasts or those who are interested in this space, is always ‘Who should I be following?’ Naturally, I could say me, but there are so many of us in Africa in this space. I thought I should share some of my favourites.

Now, obviously I am shamelessly positively biased towards women in Legal Tech, and so in this series I am sharing my 5 favourite female African women in Legal Tech who I follow religiously.

As they continue to be themselves in their own spaces, they unknowingly give me permission to do the same. And I am sure you will enjoy following them too.

In no particular order here they are(*drum rolls please):

  1. @NamuliBlazevic Alice is a Ugandan Tech Lawyer, Former VP of the Ugandan Law Society and a whole lot amazing things including curating Coffee with Alice , a mentoring forum for law graduates and young graduates.
  2. @BonyoLinda is an all around bad-ass young female Kenyan Lawyer, shaking tables in East Africa, 2020 TechWomen fellow, founder of @AfricaLawTech and @LawyersHubKenya. A powerful and much needed voice in our space not only on the continent, but globally.
  3. @kc_techlawyer where do I begin though? KC is one of my personal favourite peeps to follow, she is engaging and great in sharing legal tech related content. She is a Nigerian technology lawyer, who can code, she supports and is involved in some of the most important African legal tech ecosystem players like HiiL West Africa, TechLawyered and Legal Hackers Lagos to name a few.
  4. @NerushkaBowan a South African legal tech and innovation specialist, she has an insatiable appetite for Legal Tech having founded LITT (Law. Innovation. Technology. Tomorrow) and constantly champions change in the legal industry in challenging traditional ways in which we do and view law.
  5. @RKonopo when I think of Legal Design Thinking, Systems Design in Africa my mind always goes to Rethabile Konopo. Based in Botswana, she is a lawyer, a Legal and Systems Designer, she founded Konopo & Partner Labour Consultancy she curates Legal Tech Botswana, a LegaTech Platform & Academy in Botswana and continues to do a whole lot of incredible work through Pereko Foundation.

This is just the tip of some of the most incredbile minds in legal tech and innovation in Africa, fighting the good fight in their way.

Do share, tag them, follow them and learn.

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