Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in Entrepreneurship through Diversity

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women In Entrepreneurship Through Diversity

Welcome to our dynamic Women’s Month Series, a journey dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs through shared insights and experiences to promote diversity, technology, and inclusivity in entrepreneurship and legal technology.

By “we”, we mean Jessica Manhica and Leah Molatseli  What follows is a collaborative effort to speak on issues and aspects which we are passionate about. 


Jessica in her own words leads this piece as follows:

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the power of diversity and effective leadership practices stands as a beacon of change, driving success for women entrepreneurs. In the age of diversity, the importance of strategic branding, empathetic leadership, and practical inclusive business practices is paramount. Empowerment and inclusivity are now fundamental to building resilient and innovative enterprises, rather than mere buzzwords. Diversity isn’t just about meeting demographic requirements; it’s a strategic advantage that requires a genuine commitment to inclusivity, going beyond mere visual representation, and can significantly alter a business’s path. As we say at Maono, “Diversity isn’t just about representation; it’s about creating a culture where every voice is valued and amplified.” 

This entails:

  •  recognizing the unique perspectives each team member brings to the table, and;
  •  leveraging those perspectives to fuel creativity and innovation.


Research conducted by Groundtruth in 2022 showed that 89% of consumers will Strategically align your brand with the values of diversity that resonate deeply with their own, fostering a sense of connection that transcends products and services.

Leading with empathy is an essential facet of effective leadership practices that cannot be overlooked. In the words of Leah Molatseli, a legal tech and innovation specialist and business development manager “Women entrepreneurs who empathize with their team members’ diverse experiences end up fostering a more collaborative environment”  

Key benefits of empathetic leadership include:

  • Creating a culture of psychological safety where individuals are empowered to contribute as their authentic selves. 
  • It can boost employee morale and enhances decision-making through the integration of varied viewpoints.
  • By placing themselves in the shoes of others, leaders can foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and unity, leading to heightened team cohesion and overall business success.

Practical Tips on running an inclusive business:

Incorporating practical tips can serve as a blueprint for women entrepreneurs looking to navigate this transformative journey. In our experience, these include:

  • Strategic Recruitment:

In our experience, a diverse team reflects a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and skills.  At Maono we believe that Diverse teams drive innovation and adaptability, enabling businesses to thrive in dynamic markets

  • Training and Support:

Provide ongoing training and workshops that educate your team about unconscious biases and promote cultural awareness. This paves the way for open dialogues that create understanding and collaboration among team members.


Diversity and Inclusion Goals:

Establish clear diversity and inclusion goals within your business strategy, reinforcing your commitment to creating a workplace where everyone can thrive. As Leah Molatseli  advises, “Setting measurable goals demonstrates your dedication to continuous improvement and encourages accountability at all levels.”

In conclusion, breaking barriers and empowering women in entrepreneurship through diversity is not just a goal—it’s a transformative journey that shapes the future of businesses. Crafting a brand strategy that embraces diversity, leading with empathy, and implementing practical tips for inclusivity are pivotal steps that women entrepreneurs can take to drive success in this dynamic landscape.

As we forge ahead in this series for Women’s Month let us not forget these words by Lynn Good(Chairman & CEO, Duke Energy) Empowerment is the catalyst for innovation, and inclusive leadership is the cornerstone upon which businesses thrive and change the world.  Through intentional action and a commitment to diversity, we can redefine the norms of entrepreneurship, creating a future where barriers are shattered, and opportunities are boundless.

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